Our People

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Employee Satisfaction

Affix’s employee satisfaction survey is conducted biannually sampling an extensive random portion representing approx. 60% of the workforce.
This initiative encourages feedback and interaction with our employees.

Affix employees strongly believe:

96% Affix is customer focused
91% They are proud to work for Affix
92% Health & Safety is our top priority in the workplace
88% Affix provides sufficient training to do your job
92% Affix encourages continuous improvement
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At Affix, investing in our people is not just limited to improving performance and productivity but also enhancing the employee experience with high standards of welfare facilities and initiatives. Our commitment to the welfare and wellbeing of our employees is of utmost importance and we continuously strive to raise the bar higher to provide the best facilities, recreation and work/life balance.

Affix staff benefit from a dedicated Employee Welfare Manager whose absolutely priority is to ensure that the needs and interests of employees are listened to and continuously facilitated. The Welfare team manages a variety of events such as sports meets, tournament matches and internal social activities.

The Employee Accommodation, Welfare and Recreational facilities are aligned with Affix’s objectives to care for employees by providing high quality accommodation, recreational facilities and work-life balance. Employees remain a top priority at the organisation and we believe that providing a healthy lifestyle with a good work life balance leads to satisfied employees that are more efficient, loyal and motivated.